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byline magdalene

                 Computational Linguistics, Physics Storytelling

The Rock Story is a new form in writing, the linguist and the mathematician,

the storyteller and the reporter......

dreamtime modern aborigine stories see

and the LAW

LIVED EXPERIENCED RESUME From [email protected] To [email protected] Date 2015-02-19 17:51 Message 2 of 8 <>change-format


I have 15 years experience with psychosis that has never been done. I have been to places, I have learned a language. Through it all I stayed as conscious and scientific as possible knowing systems theory helped me to learn the speak. It is ancient and has to it elements regarding gravity-film and film-film or otherwise multiple happenings at the same time, timed perfectly there is result. Results not even dreamed yet! I will not go into any details yet I ask that a program be begun in order to actually do this in an Analytical-reason and artistic, beautiful way. It may be the introduction to true and continuing health. The eradication of disease. Since SAMHC is the crisis center where not only prevention but critical incident work fits with the mission My position : Learned Experienced Tech......     

To truly address the Mission, this kind of study without the intrusive methods of the usual can begin and be documented. I am addressing DOCTOR and the CEO, for providing a part-time salary, temporary for the beginning so that teams of a sort can be not just in word but in deed. I also have 20 years as a MSW trained social worker in the field, without pay much longer. Since your board is made up of University of Arizona faculty and executives then the position is a mandatory part of ethical progression in the Field.