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byline magdalene

                 Computational Linguistics, Physics Storytelling

Like most labs today the main emphasis is on the way to Quantum computing and the next new

tech advancements for Economy Plus and differently the Consciousness practice inherent in

what was the

Human Potential Movement beginning in the 1960's, Esalen etc. --------our movements.

The competition acts horrendous;

taking credit even before the last word!

I thought I was smeared badly for having Schizophrenia but having

 the Answer is even worse.

There is one article talking about how addicted the tec world can be, is of,

or how to move

to the new and advanced in Frontier!

I think it is in the ballpark of, the general response--------

"Hold on to, freak out ......don't go for an Abacus yet..."


They such as MIT, Stanford and UCLA are not able to stand

most interesting, exquisite in quite, existentential============

the tool of tool-less-ness! 

The rule search, the wright sound, the test-pilot and the rabbit time

and the night crawlers who lab onto our theorem!



notes: on the Constitution


The EPA has guaranteed the right for no citizen to be exposed to Bio-hazardous materials,

that are of a nature to cause illness for some unknown reason or to test on a particular individual....

of my superior immune system for the reasons quite interesting, after fighting and healing myself of psychosis in new ways, of interest to DARPA!

I have filed a dispute with my bank in the happenings with the Flamingo hotel in Tucson, during my month stay Beginning December 9, 2014 to January 4, 2015.

These toxins are digitally delivered downloads were also that were airborne, through the vents and other means, especially as I notice very unusual behavior in that the housekeeping department......more on!

I ended up with pneumonia the beginning of the or toward the end of my stay: also recently---- documented.

I was hospitalized at the Sonora Behavioral health, in which I called them for day treatment, made an appointment shortly after hospitalization at the CRC, and the 3 week period between when I called and could get there, was because I was so sick.

This I told the Intake Specialist at the Sonora! Her name Sheree.

She said I should go inpatient since the pneumonia is a trigger for further problems of psychosis given that I have Schizophrenia.

I was recently also hospitalized at the Louisiana Medical Complex, Interim University Behavioral Health and taken to the emergency room while also treatment of my psychosis, found pneumonia, after consulting with Infectious diseases at CDC-----I was given a special or experimental anti-biotic which did not work, and 3 months recovery was then required not sufficient or correct the pharmaceutical I believe on purpose studying my immune system, how I fought with in depth meditation, see studeies at Harvard on excellent or professional mediators, also of interest to my doctor in Louisiana and the going on of aftercare that his team arrange. Dr Cameron has a private clinic focused on the study of mindfulness.

The University of Arizona does also, the Consciousness, Public Health and the new digitally based medical Specialty for a medical degree;

this is many mode, yet there are more. The most basic comes from my family the genetic close relationship of brother and sister, where the transfer of mixing happens.

How he comes around me is the puzzle of law from a atomic particle theory.

This is all classified in the sense yet bio-sciences including robotics and genetics, are of a certain and powerfully important part of medicine today; the most lucrative as well.

In physics one would say we are also in a parallel world, and unconnected to or denied leaves vulnerability.

There is now a serial TV, NCIS Cybercrime unit based on the actions that are based in fact with me, yet there is much more to the investigative story.

One about replicating stories regarding what they are actually doing or I am doing!! This NCIS which is military of a DARPA scenario------seems to be just the doctor order------------------------------------DOD.

and then how they collect on, some known most not; has lead to major, crime;

yet on television or various media modes becomes clearer, as to what psychosis is from what I do, and have been doing that is incorrectly reported.


I entered day treatment and was not suitable----a week later after getting worse I ended up at the Sonora----- this time inpatient,

all because I was exposed to such virus material at the Flamingo hotel Suites that my whole system went into crisis, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I am often exhausted and still in Recovery.

The details of the infringement on my health and well being come very exact and beyond normal events.

The quantum dynamics of physics is the logic, I will prove and have proven in other



THANKS for visiting our lab*




Blue Saucer Project...........! suggestions for donation.......payment required for use of website.

EDITION, the honour system, basis---

cowboy west!

See also the facebook, page:

Summer and the Ranch!

Summer Part Three Teleplay.........on Google

We hope you can find everything you need or in a certain relaxed and Mindful consulting format. Business is our Business.

MAGDALENE MAGAZINE is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

We are professionals in Information/Game Theory and Data Collection/Analysis, also Code or Knowledge Management or Project Management with a flair for the Creative. 

It is all the Future in capsule or consultation, like visiting an oracle of the old

Greek lounging and learning!

How do you do this for your organization? 

It is a unique and personalized approach completely matched to the perspectives and analytical qualities which most reach the product or service capability, toward a 100% variable, unknown to known, for prosperity and lucrative advantage!

On any project we are ready for a consult to present!

$100 to $1000 an hour for small projects and one million per

film project coordination.


Dear Dr. Jose Calderone

Are you with the Center for disease control?

The virus, pneumonia has turned into the plague for which

alll the news is talking about a surum for theis new virus, which is not new but very old.

See some of the experiments that were during my stay at the Interim hospital and a Brandy's House which was a referrel.

For now this was my email to you, regarding my work!

Hello, Jose

I met you briefly while I was in the Interim Hospital. with pneumonia and psychotic incident.

When I saw your website later, it occurred to me that the work I was having, going through,

during my stay, was quite like the mindfulness plus++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Your assistant once was slowly taking me back to a better state with my own method, I have

experienced at least this documented method with him!

He was an intern with your team.....please tell him hello and if he could write me about the experience

he may have had. I really was not able to actually de-brief with him, something I believe is necessary!

It took me another two months and getting to another climate, for my body to rid the pneumonia completely from my system.

I meditated through all the levels of the sickness.

I am still fragile and am walking in the Rockies to build my lung strength again.

It was a horror that I do not want to go through again..........yet as meditation and mindfulness go, the experience has strengthened me as you might know, of.

Please write and tell me what you think of what I am doing, myself, my methods, especially with an emphasis on memory and poetry!


Milagro (Mary) Taurus, CEO Magdalene Magazine, journalist