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byline magdalene

                 Computational Linguistics, Physics Storytelling

Consultant, Blue Saucer Project


Editor: Milagro Mary Taurus

 This is a joint project with frontier science in the area of time travel using the sings of the Character or personality, of the Bukkra Screenplay, namely Rock; the aborigine walkabout native Australian and his tunnel-like knowledge of the flight line........see the

For more on this time, on time, a new marketing package with tools, not of replication but of blue natural formula with a law portfolio, dateline January 2014

He was in the outback, trying to help his neighbors when he was working through the various moments of a storm taking him several days to make it to the ranch of the mile away scene, by way of various extreme memory and contact direct he was able with the help of his friends, to calm the storms. 

He was a national and international hero and then began to travel more of the sing to parallel universes and across the trasectional byways or original trade routes, in space and gravity creating a new language of origin.

From his aboriginal roots came more!


August 2014

Since we are celebrating, almost 5 years of the Rock Story series with a

Radio show, the sports team, Marathon, and the Laboratory all coming from the New Markets created worldwide!

This particular study of social physics has come about not without rigor and the extreme survivalist archetype of the Law.

The nomadic nature of motion or movement in the Blue......

is evident in the nature of particle physic or the Rabbit, chasing

after the Rule of Law.  

What form do the storms take now?

Does art now follow a new more advanced form---------------------

and how does that proceed, the space of contemplation in the heart of consciousness research!

One way is that for readers to visit the site we are asking a donation for $10 per view to $100 depending on what that reader is able to contribute, on an honor basis.

Through Paypal to: